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28 Years in existence and with 37 Owner/Operator Foodmarkets nationwide, Bin Inn has embarked on a programme of introducing an extensive new range selection of Healthy Foods into it’s product mix.

Renowned over the years for it’s offering of Wholefoods and Specialty Groceries, Bin Inn Foodmarkets are now proud to introduce it’s inspirational health food products as we meet the challenges and demands of modern society in needing to be well and eat healthy.
From Gluten/Allergy free,Organic,Paleo,Cacao,Superfoods,Protein Powders,Sugar Free,Kombuchas,CoconutOils/Yoghurts and so much more….Bin Inn is the place shop to find these products.

And in our desire to make healthy food education more accessible for our shoppers,Bin Inn is proud to introduce it’s new ambassador and Integrative Nutrition Coach , Michelle Yandle.  There will be exciting things coming your way shortly with Michelle and Bin Inn and you should look instore and online for these “healthy inspirations”.